June 2004 to May 2005

Us and Them, a joint project by Helmut and June Newton, is a photographic journal of their life together since 1947. The project comprises self-portraits, reciprocal portraits and celebrity photographs and offers an intimate look into the couple’s private life. It is the first presentation of June Newton’s portraits of her husband on his deathbed in Los Angeles. In “Us and Them,” Helmut Newton’s photographic work comes full circle, having begun in Berlin in 1936 under the guidance of fashion and nude photographer, Yva. Newton’s self-portraits, created in her studio in Berlin-Charlottenburg, were one of his earliest showcased exhibits.

June and Helmut Newton’s portraits of international celebrities are presented side-by-side, allowing the viewer to examine the differing photographic signatures. June Newton began her photographic career in the 1970s under the name Alice Springs. The apparently casual intimacy with which her subjects are captured counterbalances the images of Helmut Newton, whose pictures are staged with a careful choreography of lighting and accessories.

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