June 2004 to May 2005

Sex and Landscapes sheds light on a new facet of Helmut Newton. Curated by June Newton, the project was initiated by Simon de Pury in his gallery in Zurich. Here for the first time Newton’s landscapes were presented together with his nude photos, which had until then been kept waiting for an appropriate context. The photographs range in date from the 1970s to the year 2002. They focus on two aspects of Newton’s work: the nude and the landscape, taken across Europe and the United States in both black and white and color large-format photographs.

The juxtaposition of nudes and landscapes creates an intense contrast. The dark, overclouded sea and waves breaking outside Monte Carlo, neo-baroque statues in provincial Italy, the eternity of a desert highway near Las Vegas, Berlin’s Grunewald Lake and an aerial view of the Rhine framed by an airplane porthole are flanked by nude and sexual tableaux, where a female cast plays out the leading roles in staged scenes of sexual obsession.

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