Helmut Newton: Pages from the Glossies
Greg Gorman: Color Works

The exhibition “Pages from the Glossies” offers us a new perspective on many of Helmut Newton’s iconic photographs. Spanning more than four decades, the images are presented as facsimiles of the original magazine pages in which they were first published, between 1956 and 1998. During this considerable length of time, Newton was regularly commissioned by publishers and editors from renowned magazines around the world to impart his version and vision of contemporary fashion. This continuity remained an exception in the otherwise fleeting fashion business.

Photographs that would later become celebrated and coveted were first published in the context of fashion editorials for the likes of Vogue, Elle, Queen, and Stern. In 1998, Newton compiled a selection of these images in his book, Pages from the Glossies.

The Helmut Newton Foundation is presenting the first-ever exhibition of these single- and double-paged images featured in this book, exhibited as enlarged facsimiles. They include the original headlines, page numbers, commentary, and captions from the magazines they originally appeared in. This presentation remains true to its source, showcasing more than 230 magazine pages and nearly 500 individual pictures. Some of them have never before been exhibited. As published prints approved by Helmut Newton, they too are considered a legitimate part of his oeuvre.

This comprehensive exhibition of Newton’s work will again be accompanied by the work of another photographer: Greg Gorman shows in June’s Room color portraits of prominent musicians, visual artists, and actors, mostly hailing from the United States, including David Bowie, Grace Jones, Andy Warhol, and Julianne Moore.

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