1923: Born June Browne in Melbourne; Training as actress, numerous engagements under the artist name June Brunell.

1947: Meets Helmut Newton, who had recently opened a photo studio in Melbourne; and marries him a year later.

1956: They travel through Europe and live in London and Paris, later again in Melbourne. Acting engagements for BBC and receives “Erik Kuttner Award” for best theatre actress.

1961: They move from Melbourne for the last time to Paris, first residing in Rue Aubriot, later in Rue de L’Abbé de l’Epée. June’s acting career ends due to the language barriers. She begins to study painting.

1964: The Newtons buy a house in Ramatuelle in the south of France near the Cote d’Azur, where they will always spend several months of the year.

1970: June stands in for Helmut Newton who is incapacitated by illness, for a commercial photo shoot in Paris. Thus begins her career as commercial photographer under the pseudonym Alice Springs. Her work includes advertisements such as Jean-Louis David as well as editorials in magazines like Dépêche Mode, Elle, Marie-Claire, Vogue, Nova, Mode Internationale and Fashion Magazine.

1976: She begins to dedicate her work to portrait photography, publishing images in renowned magazines like Egoïste, Vanity Fair, Interview, Stern, Photo and Passion. In addition, she oversees production of all books and exhibition catalogues of Helmut Newton as Art Director for almost three decades.

1978: First solo exhibition of her portraits in Amsterdam – the first of many to follow worldwide.

1981: The couple leave France and move to Monaco. Winter months are regularly spent in California, where June Newton photographs numerous Hollywood actors, directors as well as the Hell’s Angels.

1983: French publication of a volume of portrait photography. The volume is published three years later in the USA and five years later in Germany.

1995: Production of the documentary film “Helmut by June” for the French television channel Canal Plus.

1998: Swiss publication of the volume “Us and Them” by Helmut and June Newton, accompanied by an exhibition tour in several countries.

2004: June Newton’s autobiography is released by a German publishing house.

2004: Opening of the Helmut Newton Foundation in Berlin which features their joint exhibition “Us and Them,” including June Newton’s portraits of her husband on his deathbed in Los Angeles. The new museum for photography will serve as a significant forum for her work as well.

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